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Cindy Hatten Rogers The Plant Lady

Just who is The Plantlady?

Cindy Hatten Rogers, a lifelong resident of Jackson and Madison and a lover of many things, but few things more than making people happier and healthier with beautiful plants and gardens.

The journey to Plantlady began with a mission house landscape project that turned the plant love light bulb on.  Next came 7 years in the retail nursery business of fast track soaking up plant knowledge, honing detective skills “what’s wrong with my plant?”, and falling in love with serving people via plants.  God knew the desire of my heart to love and serve people and steadily opened doors to grow this “Plantlady” business into a many splendored thing.  

I consider it an honor and a pleasure to serve you.  Please, explore some of the potential options listed.  I will sit down with you, listen to your particular needs, explore solutions and find the right path that leads to garden JOY.

Cindy Hatten Rogers The Plant Lady

More About Us

No two properties are the same. No two families are the same. This is why our analysis, project interviews and seeking solid answers are pursued so extensively.  Your tastes and desires are Unique. Your home is unique. Your property is unique. Our work is unique.

The Plantlady is Jackson, Mississippi’s Premier Personal Gardening Service and Landscaping company. Many of our clients tell us we are the best personal gardening and landscaping company they have dealt with serving Madison and Ridgeland, Mississippi.

We offer a higher level of service than most. Our elevated standards give you noticeably superior results. We begin by listening carefully to your desires and concerns. A methodical evaluation of physical characteristics including soil composition, water runoff, and retention and sun exposure guide us in laying out a pleasing foundation planting, personal space or garden that beautifully compliments your home or business. 

On completion of our analysis, we spend time developing a plan that incorporates your needs and desires with the dictates of the environment which will then be closely reviewed with you. Once a plan is agreed upon the wheels of bringing functional beauty to your landscape architecture will be put in motion.


  • Using organic materials where possible
  • Deep soil preparation and root stimulation for excellent root establishment
  • Careful plant selection for a thriving landscape, garden or container
  • Incorporation of stone or hardscape for a complete statement of style and taste
  • Follow-up oversight to ensure proper care is provided
  • Problem solving is addressed in all areas

When we complete your landscape architecture or garden, your property will be transformed into a source of JOY and pride, giving you many pleasurable hours of enjoyment with family and friends.

You’ve tried run of the mill landscaping and gardening services before. It’s time to try a premier landscaping design company that gets it, gets YOU, and understands how to translate your vision into reality. We are the landscaping company for property owners with discriminating tastes.

Now that you know more about us, we would love to know more about you and your landscaping needs. Contact us to schedule your consultation today so we can provide you with a comprehensive plan that enhances the value and aesthetic of your home or business using proven design principles.

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